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Water Is Electrically Alive Water?

What is Electrically Alive Water?

A question that many people ask is what Electrically Alive Water is and “what that has to do with cleaning up my body?” The short answer is: Because we spend a good part of our lifetime gunking it up!

Our modern food intake, particularly the foods that contain high-levels of wheat and sugar, combined with our often-sedentary lifestyle, has the effect of seriously slowing down the body’s natural cleaning systems.

We need to break loose the toxic buildup sitting in our lower digestive track and bowel. There are many ways that we can approach this however without adequate levels of hydration the process will be very slow at best. This brings us to the next question “what electrically alive water is?”

Water That Electrically Interfaces With Our Cells

Water that is able to electrically interface with our cells I believe is the most important single requirement for the cleansing and hydration of the body.

There’s not one part of the body system that can function in the absence of life support electrically alive water. The entire electrical function of every cellular process in the body depends on the electrical conductivity of every molecule.  This conductivity increases and decreases depending on the hydration level of the cellular structure.

We’ve been taught that drinking water will increase the hydration of every cell within three minutes, but truthfully, I not convinced that this is the truth. As a certified water system operator, I don’t believe the chlorinated water provided from our modern water systems, even if filtered or bottled is effectively hydrating.

How can it adequately hydrate the human body when it’s so heavily disinfected and chemically treated?  Most modern water sources are highly processed regardless of the source.

We've Been Taught to See All Water as the Same

We are in this age of science or at least we think we are… when we speak about water we’re generally operating from a chemical mindset. We’ve been taught to see all water as the same, but we can easily downplay the most important element in our life.

Why are we focused on nutrition alone when approximately 60% of the adult human body depending on age is water?  Why are most people not educated about the drinking water instead of allowing ourselves to be a marketed to death by the deep pocketed bottled water companies?

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Treatment of Drinking Water

Water filtration and disinfection of our water local water supplies is very important, without it we would most certainly suffer epidemics, but after our water is processed with often many chemical and stages of treatment our water is left electrically damaged or electrically dead.

The lack of hydration happens because of the surface tension of processed water, a result of chlorination, which bonds the molecules of the water together tightly, is far greater than the surface tension of the body fluids that surround every single cell in the human body.

Even if the chlorine is removed the surface tension of the water does not revert to it’s natural state. The electrical bonding of the molecules of our electrically damaged drinking water is such that the water is unable to electrically interface with other body fluids.

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Water Filtration and Disinfection

It’s kind of interesting to note that in Switzerland most of the regions and villages have made it illegal to chlorinate any drinking or bathing water, including public swimming pools! In North America, it’s required that all public water supplies, and swimming pools be chlorinated or disinfected.

The high molecular bonding and surface tension of most water is the exact reason when we drink a glass of water, we often need to run to the washroom within a very short period-of-time! This is often the reason elderly people will not drink more water and become dehydrated, their drinking water causes them to need to visit the washroom often and it’s sometimes a struggle for older people, so they greatly reduce their water intake to reduce inconvenience.

Our body’s elimination system is forced to immediately dump the water because it is unable to enter our body’s fluids system. Chemically treated or bottled water may be toxic to us because of its electrical incompatibility and, therefore, cannot be utilized to clean and flush our body’s tissue resulting in a heavy burden on the lymphatic system.

This causes difficulty for many of us to detoxify our bodies effectively and control obesity, not to mention the extreme stress we have put on our kidneys.

The Common Symptoms of Dehydration

The common symptoms of dehydration include Acid-reflux, Fatigue, Constipation, High Blood Pressure, Weight Gain, Liver, Kidney, Digestive Issues, Inflammation, Joint Issues; Arthritis just to name a very few and may all be possible indicators of dehydration.

This hydration issue was not so much a problem 100 hundred years ago when we drank electrically alive water the way nature intended. Since we have moved away from the use of streams, springs, and water wells, we have been forced to use chemically laced water that even with filtration is so electrically damaged that it’s largely unavailable to us… “electrically dead water!”

There are three rules to effective hydration the first one is Electrically Alive Water. The second one is Electrically Alive Water. And the third one is… yes, you’ve got it! Electrically Alive Water!

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