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Drilling a Well in the Fraser Valley

How much water is required when drilling a well in the Fraser Valley is an important question when preparing to drill a well. A quality water well with a reasonable yield will provide most residential type properties with an adequate water supply year-round.

When purchasing real estate in the Fraser Valley with an existing water well it’s important to do your due-diligence. Many choose to have a full water well inspection prior to purchasing.

A water well drilling report also called a well log may have been accurate when the well was drilled but the current state of a well may have changed dramatically over time, possibly leaving the well log information incorrect.

Understand Water Well Drilling In The Fraser Valley

If you have unanswered questions when purchasing real estate with an existing water well in the Fraser Valley, it may be important to have a pump test performed and water testing samples submitted to your local Fraser Valley water testing laboratory so the current condition and information about the water well is accurate.

Every summer the local well drillers in the Fraser Valley are bombarded with property owners who suddenly are without water because their water well has run dry.

Many water wells in the Fraser Valley have a long history of summertime issues, at some point a well may finally quit producing completely forcing the property owner to drill a new well on their Fraser Valley property.

There’s much more to discuss regarding Fraser Valley real estate with water wells, you need to do your due diligence if you are purchasing Real Estate with a water well.

A vendor preparing to sell a property with a water well, should prepare their water system in the event of water well inspection at the time of sale. If a seller is aware of possible water well problems, it will likely be discovered upon inspection.

Real Estate and Water Wells in the Fraser Valley

Real Estate and Water Wells in the Fraser Valley often add a few extra steps to a real estate deal.

If a seller has a pending offer on a property then discovering water well problems on the 11th hour just prior to removing subjects and firming up your deal, it could be a deal breaker. I’ve seen it happen, we also see legal issues because of non-disclosure.

Fraser valley

Water Testing Laboratories

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When Drilling a Water Well in the Fraser Valley Plan Ahead...

Whether you are building a new house in a rural area or increasing the size of a farm in the Fraser Valley, a sufficient water supply servicing the property either from a private well or other water source is crucial!

Water requirement planning should be done prior to drilling a new well to ensure that an adequate water supply is available to service the requirements of a Fraser Valley property.

A basic rule of thumb in the well drilling industry implies that most residential type properties will require a minimum of 75 to 150 gallons of water per-person-per-day to cover the basic living and lifestyle requirements without the ongoing and often frustrating need to restrict water consumption.  The lack of planning can cause many future issues including resale value.

Water Well Drilling in the Fraser Valley

Complete Water Well Services

Adventures with Low-Flow Toilets in the Fraser Valley

Many new Fraser Valley homes implement low-flow toilets and other water serviced fixtures. I’m not against low-flow fixtures and water conservation, but fixtures such as toilets need to be balanced with how the waste is going to be moved out of the house!

A homeowner who’s super happy to get his low-flow toilet installed is also not so happy when they need to snake snake their pipes on a regular basis because there’s not enough water to get the waste out of the house. This is especially true with a poorly designed private water well system.

Sloping the pipes more and reducing pipe diameter only goes so far. You can restrict and conserve water until the cows-come-home but, the bottom-line is this… sometimes the job REQUIRES water!

What is the Peak Daily Demand?

When planning and designing a new water system in the Fraser Valley, the total daily water use requirement is less important than the peak daily water requirement or the “periods-of-peak-demand”.

Peak demand periods are the time spans through-out a day when the demand for water increases, sometimes substantially.

The reality is, most water consumption within a home typically takes place over a very short time-period, usually in the morning or evening.

For water system design in the Fraser Valley and planning purposes it’s suggested that a water system should be able to provide all the expected daily water use in a 2-hour peak demand period.

For example, if the water demand for your home is estimated to require 400 gallons per day, the ideal water system should be sized to provide this much water within a 2-hour period.

A water well depending on depth is not just based on yield alone but the water storage capacity of the well. So, there’s always some variables that can be calculated and adjusted based on supply and demand.

Overall, it’s the outdoor use of water that can increase the demand for water immeasurably, causing many water wells in the Fraser Valley to be over pumped or even pumped dry on a regular basis.

Over-Pumping is the #1 Cause of Water Well Failure

Over-pumping a water well will put additional strain on a water well system and can even cause pump damage by overheating and excessive cycling of the well pump.

Many of the municipal or community water systems likely impose local summer water restrictions on users of many Fraser Valley water systems because of the massive demand for water, obviously these relentless conditions cannot be maintained.

Private water wells in the Fraser Valley are not governed in the same way and should not be over-pumped, they need to be carefully managed.

De-watering a water well is also caused by extended over-pumping of a well which is the number one cause of water well failure.

The pumping rate of a well should always be restricted to stabilize the draw-down of the pumping water level whether it’s a deep drilled rock hole or a shallower screened well.

In drilled rock holes over-pumping may cause the fractures to lose pressure and even collapse, in time this can greatly reduce the production of drilled well.

When drawing-down a screened well it’s very important that the water-level remains above the intake part of the water well, adjacent to the perforations in the casing or the screen slots.

Pumping water down to a level that exposes the water well screen, possibly allows additional oxygen to enter the aquifer which aerobically enhances the growth of iron or sulphate reducing bacteria, eventually can restrict the flow into the well or plug the well screen reducing water flow in a well substantially.

We’ve often pulled pumps that have been installed right down into a well screen, for the reason explained a well pump needs to be installed above the installed well screen.

Calculating Water Requirements

When calculating water requirements, take time to consider all the possible demands for water on a property such as swimming pools and hot tubs, lawn watering or irrigation, fire protection, heating & cooling, livestock, pressure washing etc.

Do Not Become a Vulnerable Water Well Owner

When it comes to water wells and water systems in the Fraser Valley property owners can find themselves vulnerable.

Many property owners often exceed the available water supply produced by their domestic water well, water well problems can often be rectified with an on-site water storage system and re-pressurization system.

Water system contractors may be eager install all kinds equipment while on a property, possibly anticipating potential water well problems that have not even occurred. Yes, sometimes water reservoirs are required in the Fraser Valley, but generally they’re an easy add-on to most systems if required.

If there’s not an established water well problem, then I generally will recommend people use their water system without a reservoir. There’s lots of downside to a water reservoir, best to not have one when possible.

The cost of a water storage tank in the Fraser Valley is just part of it, there is the additional pump for re-pressurization and lots of other material and fittings to complete an installation.

Water Storage Tanks in the Fraser Valley

In the Fraser Valley, water storage tanks often become a maintenance issue if a system is not designed to recirculate and maintain itself.

Water storage tanks or reservoirs leave plenty of room for a potential contamination issue. Prior to installing a reservoir system be sure the contractor is fully qualified and understands the repercussions that can be occur with the installation of a water storage system.

Most property owners seem to struggle with basic water well maintenance, adding a water storage system along with all the bells and whistles can create additional problems and increase the stress of operating a domestic water system.

If the system is not maintained properly a property owner will gradually notice the deterioration of their water quality. The next thing you know they’re calling in a water treatment to deal with a water quality issue that may be stemming from their reservoir.

Water Filter Guy to the Rescue!

The next thing you know, a property owner has a monster water treatment system sitting in their basement or pump-house to treat their water when all that was necessary was perhaps the disinfection and flushing of the water well along with draining-down the water storage system along with a good cleaning and disinfection after being in service for a few years or even less.

All private water systems in the Fraser Valley should be maintained on a regular basis even a water well system should be inspected annually, typically it will reduce costly repairs while keeping a water system in tip-top condition

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