Restoring Flooded Water Wells

Flooded Water Wells Restoring
The Health Of A Well

Flooded water wells will be of concern for property owners with a private water well that may be vulnerable to seasonal flooding. Floods are the #1 natural disaster. Water wells are an essential resource for millions of private properties through-out North America.

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Learn How to Adjust a Pressure Switch Safely

How To Adjust A Pressure Switch Increase Water Pressure Safely

It’s important to clearly understand how to adjust a pressure switch.

There are live electrical contacts exposed on a pressure switch, one you remove the cap. If you touch them, especially being near water piping, there may be a serious-risk of death by electrocution. Watch what you touch, or have a professional plumber / electrician adjust the pressure switch for you.

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How to Pump a Well Without Causing Damage

How to Pump a Water Well

People often ask how to pump a water well? They may not always understand that pumping a water well greatly influences the surrounding aquifer. During the process of pumping a well, the water level within the well is drawn-down as the total accumulated water in the well column is pumped down.

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