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Water Testing BC - Consumer Awareness Guide

Is Your BC Well Water Safe?

According to Canada’s government, disease-causing organisms leach into groundwater through surface runoff or fertilizers, manure, pesticides, and nitrogen with the potential of finding their way into water wells throughout British Columbia.


When is the best time of year to test your water in BC?

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Water Testing BC - Water Test Kits and Resources

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Water Testing BC... We have answered the most common questions about water testing in British Columbia!

Colleen Roberts has over 30 years of experience in the groundwater and water well industry in British Columbia.  With a dozen of those years specializing in water well contamination, quickly discovering that many property owners NEVER test their well water in British Columbia!  Colleen's office handles hundreds of calls a year from BC property owners, tenants, and real estate agents etc. answering many questions about water testing in BC.

Most inquiries are common questions or similar concerns about testing water throughout the province.  Deciding to shine a light on the importance of water testing, Colleen's latest digital book "7 Things You Need to Know About Testing Your Well Water in British Columbia" is loaded with important information about testing your water in the Fraser Valley.

Grab yourself FREE digital copy of this impressive consumer awareness guide... written to educate and eliminate the confusion about  water testing BC.



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